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Siruss D7 Boilerplate

A Drupal 7 responsive framed template enabling the fast construction of almost any project/theme in Drupal 7.

The theme is based on the 'add' principal to reduce the amount of CSS required for modification in response to screen width.   We start with a reset and a base CSS that structurally sets eveything we do not require in the lowest screen width to 'display:none'.  As the screen width increases through the css/media stylesheets we progressivly add in the elements we require until reaching desktop view.

Login is at /user as standard  using:

  • Username:  Administrator
  • Password:  qazwsx12

Working on a 12 column percentage based grid, utilising styles 'col-1' through to 'col-12'.  Columns have no margin and everything is spaced with padding in the relative stylesheet and utilising 'box-sizing' as 'border-box' to constrain the columns to the actual correct percentage value.

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